Thursday, June 20, 2013

9 Months, Shine On

Lulu Bananas (her endearment of the week) is NINE whole months today!  She has been exploring the outside now for as long as I carried her on the inside.  It happened so fast I have whiplash.  My sense of time with Lucy is even more distorted than I remember it being with Soleil.  Lucy's first five months feel like an entirely separate chapter in my life.  Her tumultuous infancy feels long ago, yet the imprint on my heart is a fresh bruise.  Although I had great hope, I was never truly sure that March would come true.  But it did.    

Lucy was born in the 80th percentile for weight... during our struggles she dropped to the 8th percentile.  She is now enjoying the plush life sitting comfortably in the 90th percentile.  The line on her growth chart corresponds exactly to her happiness over the months and is a measure of our family's emotional barometer.  The pressure has lifted and we are over the moon with Mz. Lucy June.

Her nine months specialties include rousing games of peek-a-boo, though her sister insists she is playing antler-boo because she hasn't actually mastered covering her eyes yet.  Girlfriend is fierce when it comes to the daily bum changes.  She curses at me with her eyes as I try to wrangle a fresh diaper on her round bum.  She has some signature moves to defend my offensive attempts at baby hygiene... she is perfecting The Migraine and the The Coronary (whereby, with shocking speed and agility, she twists and attempts to launch herself form the change table).  

Lucy likes: 
Her big sister.  Crazy amounts.
When you look at her.
Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Whoa mama she likes it so much.
Being at home.  She's a homebody!  I'm not at all.  But somehow we are a heavenly match.
Her toes.  Toes are tops.
Smashing stuff against other stuff.  
Tasting all of it.
Clapping.  It is like showing her a super power.
When Dad comes home.
Her bath.  Wowza.
Blankies!  Blankies for days.
To eat.
To be eaten up.

Lucy Dislikes:
When her sister cries.
Diaper changes.  I need to limber up before each one.
Being out of the house for too long.  Slowly but surely she is showing me the beauty of staying home!
Her sister's witch hat.  She swears it quietly mocks her from the tickle trunk.  Sinister hat.
Cold food: stink face.
The list is short.  She likes most things most of the time.

Oh, Lucy June, you came with the sun and made everything brighter and better than it already was.

You fill my heart with a 1000 thank yous a day.  

And I look at you now... the almost-toddler that ate my baby, and I can't even be sad at how fast it is all flying by...

... because I'm so excited to see you shine on.  Shine on, little one, shine on!  

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  1. The mystery of parenthood! When I hold Norah now, I want to freeze her just as she is. But when she is Lucy's age (in three months!), I'll want her to stay like that. I want my 8 year old to stay 8 and to never become a stinky teenage boy. But I'll love that stinky teenager so much I won't want HIM to change. But it does go too fast, doesn't it? Great to see Miss L thriving!! And you look fabulous!


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